Tool Demo #2 / Show&Tell #4

10.11.2014 18:00

The meetup will take place in the conference room of at 29 Andersa Street.


18:00-18:20 – Social time and a science fair/workshop.18:20-18:30 – Welcome and announcements. 18:30-20:15 – Tool demos.20:15-21:00 – Show&Tell talk and Q&A.


18:30-19:15 – Tool demo: – Alberto Guarino will present a couple of Empatica’s apps and the E3 Wristband, a device to monitor physiological signals in real time. Empatica is an affective computing company, focused on human data analytics. They develop groundbreaking wearable devices with medical quality sensing.


15-minute break.


19:30-20:15 – Tool demo: – the Moodstache team will present their mood-measuring app. Moodstache lets you get a contextual hold on your emotions, taking your QS environment of apps and wearable devices into account and letting you personalize the measurement.


20:15-21:00 – Show&Tell talk and discussion:Tomasz Kolinko: „The exact inner workings of 23andMe and uBiome tests”.What can human and microbiome genetic tests offer us? How do they work exactly and what are their limitations?




Let us know if you would like to demo your project during the science fair/workshop time – we will set up a corner for you.


And if you are thinking about your own show&tell presentation, please send us a message with a short summary of what you would like to talk about. You can find a detailed description of a typical show&tell here:

Tool Demo #2 / Show&Tell #4

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