Monadic Warsaw #12

25.07.2017 19:00

Marcin Szamotulski – Composing Cofree Interpreters

In this talk will advocate PureScript: a small purely functional languages compiled to JavaScript and heavily instipred by Haskell, but free of its issues 😉

I will build simple DSLs based on free monad and their interpreters using a pairing with a cofree comonad. Then the fun begins: we will compose them to build complex interpreters out of simple ones, and then transform the result by adding features using natural transformations. If you’ve been to redux in the JavaScript land: this lets us do react-redux architecture in purely functional way!

Michal Kawalec – Functional programming with bananas in barbed wire

In our day to day functional programming, we encounter recursion every step of the way. If only there were a way of abstracting away its repetitive parts and clarifying the recursive code with minimal boilerplate! Fortunately, recursion schemes come to the rescue. They allow for a clear and concise definition of recursion, while being guided by the typechecker.

The talk will present basic theory behind them but will not require advanced knowledge of mathematics. We believe that recursion schemes can greatly benefit from a more widespread usage and will try to convey the practical ways in which they can be used in real life programs.

Monadic Warsaw #12

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