Monadic Warsaw #10

10.01.2017 19:00

Zapraszamy na dziesiąty meetup. Tym razem odwiedzi nas Andres Löh oraz Maciek Bielecki. Wszyskie talki będą nagrywane i dostępne na naszym youtubie.

The talks will be in English.

Andres Löh – Evolving datatypes

We’ll look at how type-level programming and techniques from datatype-generic programming can be used to describe a history of datatypes that evolve overtime. Such a history can then be used to derive generic functions that are history-aware, such as for example deserialization functions that can parse old versions and migrate them on the fly.

About the speaker:

Andres Löh is a Haskell consultant and co-owner of Well-Typed LLP. He is based in Regensburg, Germany. He started using Haskell in 1997, when being an undergraduate student of mathematics in Konstanz, and has been an enthusiastic functional programmer ever since. Andres obtained a PhD in Computer Science from Utrecht University in 2004, on extending the Haskell language with capabilities for datatype-generic programming. After having been a university lecturer for several years, he joined Well-Typed in 2010.

Andres is very interested in applying functional programming to real-world problems, and in particular in datatype-generic programming, domain-specific languages, (dependent) type systems, parallel and concurrent programming, and the theory of version control.

Maciek Bielecki – Programs at the type level

Type-level programming is a feature frequently used by Haskellers. In this talk we’ll take it to the extreme and write some programs using only computation at the type level. I will show how to make them talk to the outside world and present some testing techniques.

About the speaker: I’m a Haskell enthusiast.

Monadic Warsaw #10

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