Loesje in English: Final editing workshop & new posters

20.08.2017 16.00

After the summer session of creative writing in English, it’s time to give the texts created in July a round of discussion – and Loesje invites you to join her at the final editing workshop at państwomiasto.

Final versions of the texts will be layouted to make a new series of black and white posters signed by Loesje. After the workshop they will be available in the poster archives on www.loesje.org and www.loesje.pl.

•• Loesje workshops involve writing short texts during a creative group process. No previous experience in writing is needed and all participants can offer topics they want the group to write about. It’s all about the group dynamic, playing with words and fun!
At the end of the writing, the most inspiring and intriguing texts are chosen for the final editing session. They are later layouted to create a new series of black and white posters signed by Loesje.

Loesje workshops aim to promote creativity, freedom of expression, activism and critical attitude toward reality.
More information: http://bit.ly/workshopsLoesje

All necessary materials are provided & admission is free.
The number of places is limited so it’s best to show up at least 15 minutes before the session starts (no reservation is needed; first-come, first-served).

•• państwomiasto
the workshop room downstairs (next to the bar)

LOESJE [‚luʃə]
Loesje is a world wide collective of people who want to make the world a more positive creative place.

Local Loesje groups write and spread posters signed by the girl named Loesje, with texts about everything that happens in society. Loesje texts are mostly positive and funny, and at the same time critical, wanting to stimulate the viewers to see things from new perspectives, and take action in their own lives. Loesje texts are not trying to tell you what to think; instead they often invite to many different interpretations.

Anyone is welcome to join creating new posters at the text writing workshops and to join other Loesje activities and projects.
International and local posters are published on www.loesje.org and made available for free downloads for any non-commercial use.

•• www.loesje.org • Loesje International
•• www.loesje.pl • Loesje Poland

Loesje in English: Final editing workshop & new posters

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