DevOps Warsaw #1

22.07.2014 18:30

We are excited to announce next event of DevOps Warsaw Meetup on Tuesday, July 22 at Panstwomiasto and invite everyone to talk about building systems for continuous testing and code deployment automation.

Also everyone will get more information about one of the most popular IT movement in the world and find out how to release application 50 times a day!

More details at

1. Testing all your code through HipChat in Docker.
2. DevOps Knowledge Base. How not to loose a pulse of DevOps.
3. Building CI system with Gerrit and Jenkins.
4. How we measure everything with Sensu @ Touk.

After main part we’ll have a beer event.
So please reserve whole evening!

Agenda can be slightly changed so please stay tuned for further updates.

P.S. Also the event will be recorded and we post a link afterwards but keep in mind that no recording can replace a taste of local beer and live networking with our awesome community members!

DevOps Warsaw #1

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