4th Poland Umbraco Meetup – Rule the 2016!

5.01.2016 19:00

Boom.. New Year, new plans, another new meetup! Keep calm and save the date!

We are open for suggestions and talks from any members of the group at this meetup please. Contact the organizer if you want to share something (project, package, tool etc.) with us!

1. Introduction – Event host & all Meetup attendants (short introduction of our group and each member – Why Umbraco? Why here in Poland? Who we/you are and what we/you do?)
2. Umbraco’s Travolta – Marcin Zajkowski – v7.4.0 through eyes of the Umbraco’s Travolta / beginner
3. Grid Performance – Anthony Dang
4. ???

Where to find us  
This event will take place in well known venue –państwomiasto (relatively near to Old City and City Center as well). We will be in Conference Room, so look for a bunch of nerds there :) Should be easy.

4th Poland Umbraco Meetup – Rule the 2016!

Lokal przy ul. Andersa 29 oraz ul. Jazdów 3/12
jest wykorzystywany na cele kulturalne
przez Projekt: Polska dzięki pomocy Miasta Stołecznego Warszawy – Dzielnicy Śródmieście.

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